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  • Contact dermatitis

  • Seborrheic dermatitis

  • Atopic dermatitis (AD)




  • 692.0 Contact dermatitis and other eczema due to detergents

  • 692.1 Contact dermatitis and other eczema due to oils and greases

  • 692.2 Contact dermatitis and other eczema due to solvents

  • 692.3 Contact dermatitis and other eczema due to drugs and medicines in contact with skin

  • 692.4 Contact dermatitis and other eczema due to other chemical products

  • 692.5 Contact dermatitis and other eczema due to food in contact with skin

  • 692.6 Contact dermatitis and other eczema due to plants [except food]

  • 692.7 Contact dermatitis and other eczema due to solar radiation

  • 692.8 Contact dermatitis and other eczema due to other specified agents

  • 692.84 Contact dermatitis and other eczema due to animal (cat) (dog) dander

  • 692.89 Contact dermatitis and other eczema due to other specified agents

  • 692.9 Contact dermatitis and other eczema, unspecified cause




  • L20–L30 Dermatitis and eczema




  • 7B: Impaired Integumentary Integrity Associated with Superficial Skin Involvement2



A 32-year-old female presents with a pink scaly rash on her antecubital fossae, bilaterally. The rash is moderately erythematous and localized. There are excoriated areas indicating scratching due to itching. She reports the rash started on the weekend when she was pulling weeds in the back yard. She did use an over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream that provided some relief from the itching.


  • Dermatitis is an inflammation of the skin.

  • Dermatitis is a common condition that usually is not life threatening or contagious.

  • It embraces a range of ailments that in most cases are characterized by red, itchy skin.

  • Common types of dermatitis include

    • Contact dermatitis: Inflammation that occurs when substances touching the skin cause irritation or an allergic reaction.

    • AD or eczema: Chronic, relapsing, and inflammatory condition that results in itchy, inflamed, irritated skin.

      • These diseases often have an inherited tendency to develop alongside other allergic conditions such as asthma and hay fever.

    • Seborrheic dermatitis: Common skin disorder occurring in areas rich in sebaceous glands such as the scalp, ears, eyebrows, and chest, causing scaly, itchy red skin, and stubborn dandruff.

Essentials of Diagnosis

  • Diagnosis is generally based on medical history and examination of the skin.

  • Contact dermatitis: Diagnosis is based on medical history, the appearance of the skin, and a history of exposure to irritants or allergens.

  • Seborrheic dermatitis: Diagnosis is based on history, appearance of the skin, physical, and skin biopsy.

  • AD (eczema): Diagnosis is based on history and appearance of the skin.

  • Skin lesion biopsies or skin cultures may be used to rule out other causes.

General Considerations

  • Individuals in certain outdoor and manufacturing occupations are at higher risk for exposure to allergens and irritants ...

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