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  • Elbow subluxation

  • Nursemaid’s elbow




  • 832 Dislocation of elbow

  • 832.0 Closed dislocation of elbow

  • 832.00 Closed dislocation of elbow, unspecified

  • 832.01 Closed anterior dislocation of elbow

  • 832.02 Closed posterior dislocation of elbow

  • 832.03 Closed medial dislocation of elbow

  • 832.04 Closed lateral dislocation of elbow

  • 832.09 Closed dislocation of elbow, other

  • 832.1 Open dislocation of elbow

  • 832.10 Open dislocation of elbow, unspecified

  • 832.11 Open anterior dislocation of elbow

  • 832.12 Open posterior dislocation of elbow

  • 832.13 Open medial dislocation of elbow

  • 832.14 Open lateral dislocation of elbow

  • 832.19 Open dislocation of elbow, other

  • 832.2 Nursemaid’s elbow




  • S53.016A Anterior dislocation of unspecified radial head, initial encounter

  • S53.116A Anterior dislocation of unspecified ulnohumeral joint, initial encounter

  • S53.146A Lateral dislocation of unspecified ulnohumeral joint, initial encounter

  • S53.136A Medial dislocation of unspecified ulnohumeral joint, initial encounter

  • S53.033A Nursemaid’s elbow, unspecified elbow, initial encounter

  • S53.096A Other dislocation of unspecified radial head, initial encounter

  • S53.196A Other dislocation of unspecified ulnohumeral joint, initial encounter

  • S53.026A Posterior dislocation of unspecified radial head, initial encounter

  • S51.009A Unspecified open wound of unspecified elbow, initial encounter

  • S53.006A Unspecified dislocation of unspecified radial head, initial encounter

  • S53.106A Unspecified dislocation of unspecified ulnohumeral joint, initial encounter

FIGURE 162-1

This oblique view radiograph reveals a frank dislocation of the elbow. (From Malone TR, Hazle C, Grey ML. Imaging in Rehabilitation. Copyright © The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved.)

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  • 4D: Impaired Joint Mobility, Motor Function, Muscle Performance, and Range of Motion (ROM) Associated with Connective Tissue Dysfunction



A 17-year-old male presents with elbow pain, weakness, and lack of mobility. Patient sustained an elbow dislocation 2 weeks ago due to a fall on an extended elbow while playing football. He reports immediate pain and inability to move his elbow, necessitating transport to urgent care for relocation. He reports that pre-and postreduction X-rays did not reveal a fracture. He was placed in a hinged brace with ROM limits as set by the orthopedic physician.

He currently presents with moderate global swelling and bruising into his forearm. The patient has difficulty with writing while at school and dressing, grooming, and eating due to decreased mobility. He also notes weakness with carrying objects due to diminished grip strength. He has negative varus and valgus stress tests. Patient has normal capillary refill and no sensory deficits in hand.




  • Traumatic injury to the elbow

  • Displacement of the ulna and radius in a posterior, anterior, or lateral direction

  • Mechanism of injury is a forced hyperextension

  • Typically from fall on outstretched elbow

  • Traumatic unidirectional blow to the elbow

  • Forceful twisting of the elbow while in a flexed position

  • Nursemaid’s elbow ...

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