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This appendix contains factors for converting between metric units commonly used in biomechanics and their English system equivalents. In each case, a value expressed in a metric unit can be divided by the conversion factor given to yield the approximate equivalent in an English unit, or a value expressed in an English unit can be multiplied by the conversion factor to find the metric unit equivalent. For example, to convert 100 Newtons to pounds, do the following:

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To convert 100 pounds to Newtons, do the following:

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Table Graphic Jump Location
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Distance Centimeters 2.54 Inches
Meters 0.3048 Feet
Kilometers 1.609 Miles
Speed Meters/second 0.447 Miles/hour
Mass Kilograms 14.59 Slugs
Force Newtons 4.448 Pounds
Work Joules 1.355 Foot-pounds
Power Watts 745.63 Horsepower
Energy Joules 1.355 Foot-pounds
Linear momentum Kilogram-meters/second 4.448 Slug-feet/second
Impulse Newton-seconds 4.448 Pound-seconds
Angular momentum Kilogram-meters2/second 1.355 Slug-feet2/second
Moment of inertia Kilogram-meters2 1.355 Slug-feet2
Torque Newton-meters 1.355 Foot-pounds

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