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Chedoke-McMaster Stroke Assessment


Fugl-Meyer Assessment of Motor Performance

NIH Stroke Scale

Orpington Prognostic Scale

Postural Assessment Scale for Stroke Patients

Rivermead Motor Assessment

Tardieu Spasticity Scale (Modified Tardieu)

10 Meter Walk Test (10MWT)

5 times sit to stand

6 Minute Walk Test (6MWT)

9 Hole Peg Test

Action Research Arm Test (ARAT)

Activities-specific Balance Confidence Scale (ABC Scale)

Arm Motor Ability Test

Berg Balance Scale (BBS)

Functional Gait Assessment (FGA) (Dynamic Gait Index-Revised)

Functional Ambulation Categories

Functional Independence Measure (FIM)

Functional Reach

Motor Activity Log

Timed Up and Go (TUG) Test

Trunk Impairment Scale

Wolf Motor Function Test

Assessment of Life Habits


Falls Efficacy Scale (FES)

Goal Attainment Scale

Modified Rankin Scale

Stroke Adapted SIP-30

Stroke Impact Scale

Stroke Rehabilitation Assessment of Movement

MS Impact Scale (MSIS-29)


Box and Blocks Test

Disease Steps

Dizziness Handicap Inventory

Fatigue Scale for Motor and Cognitive Functions

Functional Assessment of MS


Guy’s Neurological Disability Scale

Maximal Inspiratory and Expiratory Pressure

Rivermead Mobility Index

MS Functional Composite

12-Item MS Walking Scale


9-Hole Peg Test

ABC Scale


FGA (Dynamic Gait Index-Revised)

Four Square Step Test

Functional Assessment of MS


Functional Reach

Hauser Ambulation Index

Modified Fatigue Impact Scale

MS Functional Composite

Timed 25 Foot Walk

TUG with Cognitive and Manual

Trunk Impairment Scale

Visual Analog Scale (fatigue)

VO2 max and VO2 peak


Goal Attainment Scale

Guy’s Neurological Disability Scale

Medical Outcome Study (SF-36)

Short Form Health Survey of Medical outcome study (SF-36)

Functional Assessment of MS

MS Functional Composite

MS International Quality of Life Questionnaire

MS Quality of Life (MS-QoL 54)

MS Quality of Life Inventory


Agitated Behavior Scale

Apathy Evaluation Scale

Ashworth Scale (Modified)

Cog-Log and O(rientation)-Log

Coma Recovery Scale-Revised

Disorders of Consciousness Scale

Dizziness Handicap Inventory

Global Fatigue Index

Moss Attention Rating Scale

Patient Health Questionnaire

Rancho Levels of Cognitive Function

12-Item MS Walking Scale


Cognitive Functions

Action Research Arm Test

Balance Error Scoring Scale

Barthel Index


Community Balance and Mobility Scale


Functional Assessment Measure

High Level Mobility Assessment

Disability Rating Scale

Sydney Psychosocial Re integration Scale

Quality of life after brain injury


Ashworth Scale (Modified)

Bryce–Ragnarsson Pain Taxonomy

Classification for Chronic Pain in SCI

Donovan SCI Pain Classification

Grasp and Release Test (GRT)

Hand Held Myometry/Myometry

International Spinal Cord Injury Pain Classification (ISCIP)

International Standards for Multidimensional Pain Inventory – SCI version

Neurological Classification of Penn Spasm Frequency Scale, Spinal Cord Injury, ASIA Impairment Scale (AIS)

Numeric Pain Rating Scale

6-Minute Arm Test (6-MAT)

Spastic Reflexes (SCATS)

Spinal Cord Assessment Tool for

Spinal Cord Injury Spasticity Evaluation Tool (SCI-SET)

Tardieu Scale, Modified Tardieu Scale

Wheelchair Users Shoulder Pain Index (WUSPI)




ABC Scale

Balance Evaluations Systems Test (BESTest)


Capabilities of UE Functioning Instrument (CUE)


FGA (Dynamic Gait Index-Revised)


Functional Reach Test (FRT)/Modified

Graded and Redefined Assessment of Sensibility Strength and Prehension ...

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