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The Upper Extremity*...
MuscleProximal AttachmentsDistal AttachmentsNerve Supply
Shoulder Joint
CoracobrachialisCoracoid process of scapulaInner surface of humerus opposite deltoid attachmentMusculocutaneous nerve
DeltoidAnterior: anterior border of outer third of clavicleAxillary (circumflex) nerve
Middle: acromion process and outer end of clavicleLateral aspect of humerus, near midpoint
Posterior: lower margin of spine of scapula
Infraspinatus and teres minorAxillary border and posterior surface of scapula below scapular spinePosterior aspect of greater tuberosity of humerusSuprascapular and axillary nerves
Latissimus dorsiSpinous processes of lower six thoracic and all lumbar vertebrae; posterior surface of sacrum; crest of ilium; lower three ribsAnterior surface of humerus below head by flat tendon just anterior to, and parallel with, tendon of pectoralis majorThoracodorsal (middle subscapular) nerve
Pectoralis majorMedial two-thirds of clavicle; anterior surface of sternum; cartilages of first six ribs; slip from aponeurosis of external oblique abdominal muscleLateral surface of humerus just below head by flat tendon 2 to 3 inches wideMedial and lateral anterior thoracic nerves
SubscapularisEntire anterior surface of scapulaLesser tuberosity of humerusSubscapular nerve
SupraspinatusMedial two-thirds of supraspinatus fossa above scapular spineTop of greater tuberosity of humerusSuprascapular nerve
Teres majorPosterior surface of inferior angle of scapulaAnterior surface of humerus below head, just medial to latissimus dorsi tendonLower subscapular nerve
Shoulder Girdle
CoracobrachialisCoracoid process of scapulaInner surface of humerus opposite deltoid attachmentMusculocutaneous nerve
Levator scapulaeTransverse processes of first four cervical vertebraeVertebral border of scapula between medial angle and scapular spineDorsal scapular and branches from third and fourth cervical nerves
Pectoralis minorAnterior surface of third, fourth, and fifth ribs near cartilagesTip of coracoid processes of scapulaMedial anterior thoracic nerve
Rhomboids: major and minorSpinous processes of seventh cervical and first five thoracic vertebraeVertebral border of scapula from spine to inferior angleDorsal scapular nerve
Serratus anteriorOuter surface of upper nine ribs at side of chestAnterior surface of vertebral border and inferior angle of scapulaLong thoracic nerve
TrapeziusOccipital bone; ligamentum nuchae; spinous processes of seventh cervical and all thoracic vertebraePart I: posterior border of lateral third of clavicleSpinal accessory and branches from third and fourth cervical nerves
Part II: top of acromium process
Part III: upper border of scapular spine
Part IV: root of scapular spine
Elbow and Forearm
AnconeusPosterior surface of lateral epicondyle of humerusLateral side of olecranon process and posterior surface of upper part of ulnaBranch from radial nerve
Biceps brachiiLong head: upper margin of glenoid fossaBicipital tuberosity of radiusMusculocutaneous nerve
Short head: apex of coracoid process of scapula
Brachialis humerusAnterior surface of lower half of humerusAnterior surface of coronoid process of ulnaMusculocutaneous and branch from radial nerves
BrachioradialisUpper two-thirds of lateral supracondylar ridge of humerusLateral side of base of styloid process of radius

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