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The goal of this textbook is to help medical students effi­ciently learn and review physiology. The text offers a complete yet concise treatment of the major topics in medical physiology. Several design features are included to make the text easy to use.

  • High-yield clinical pearls, see image followed by image, are integrated throughout the text; clinical examples highlight the relevance and application of physiologic concepts.

  • Approximately 450 four-color figures illustrate essential processes; explanatory figure legends allow figures to be used for review.

  • Key concepts are highlighted in italics and basic terms are in bold when first mentioned.

  • Bullets and numbers are used to break down complex processes.

  • Study questions and answers are provided at the end of each chapter.

  • A final examination is provided at the end of the book and is organized by body systems to allow either comprehensive testing or focused review.

The experiences of a seasoned medical physiology teacher and a new medical graduate have been combined to produce a text that is both accessible and relevant for students of medicine.

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