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An example of a support need to be considered when choosing a wound dressing is

a. Amount of exudate

b. Size of the wound

c. Need for compression

d. Quality of life issues

Contact layers are dressings used to

a. Absorb exudate

b. Protect wound bed from trauma

c. Protect periwound skin

d. Trap bacteria

A wound that is inappropriate for a hydrocolloid dressing is

a. Stage 3 pressure ulcer

b. Venous leg ulcer

c. Deep tissue injury

d. Diabetic foot ulcer

The approval pathway for a device or biologic with the highest level of evidence is

a. PMA

b. HCT/Ps

c. 510K

d. Case studies

Which of the following is not a category or consideration for reducing wound bioburden?

a. Antibiotic

b. Topical antimicrobial dressing

c. Platelet-derived growth factor

d. Antiseptic

The dressing most appropriate for promoting autolytic debridement is

a. Petrolatum gauze and adhesive foam

b. Hydrogel and transparent film

c. Calcium alginate

d. Becaplermin

Which of the following antimicrobial dressings must be in direct contact with the microbes in order to be effective?

a. Polyhexamethylene biguanide

b. Iodine

c. Silver

d. Honey

A patient presents with a draining sinus wound that is 1 cm × 0.7 cm × 8 cm deep. Which of the following dressings would be most appropriate?

a. Honey-impregnated calcium alginate


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