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CHAPTER TWENTY. Low-Level Laser Therapy

Low-level lasers do not create heat and are sometimes referred to as cold lasers. What is the classification for low-level lasers used in wound healing?

a. Class 3A

b. Class 2A

c. Class 3B

d. Class 3A

Which of the following are required characteristic of lasers used for wound healing?

a. Monochromatic, coherent, collimated

b. Dichromatic, coherent, collimated

c. Monochromatic, dispersed, collimated

d. Dichromatic, dispersed, collimated

What are the naturally occurring pigments in the body that are affected by photobiomodulation?

a. Macrophages

b. Cytokines

c. Chromophores

d. Merkel cells

Photobiomodulation is thought to promote wound healing by affecting which of the biological processes listed below?

a. Fibroblast proliferation, increased macrophage activity, collagen synthesis

b. Increased macrophage activity, collagen synthesis, decreased mitochondrial production of ATP

c. Collagen synthesis, increased mitochondrial production of ATP, decreased oxygen availability to tissues

d. Fibroblast proliferation, increased macrophage activity, collagen degradation

Which of the following have been reported as contraindications or precautions for the use of LLLT in the treatment of wounds?

a. Over thyroid tissue

b. During the first trimester of pregnancy

c. Over the eye

d. Over cancerous growths

e. All of the above have been reported

Which of the following statements specific to LLLT is true?

a. Low-level laser therapy is FDA approved for wound healing in the United States.

b. Low-level laser therapy should only be administered by a provider with an expertise in the use of therapeutic technologies.

c. Multiple adverse events have been reported from the use of low-level laser therapy.

d. Sufficient evidence on precise treatment parameters is available to support the use of low-level laser therapy for ...

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