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The practice of neurologic physical therapy relies on the growing body of evidence from the field of neuroscience. This text uniquely brings the fields of neuroscience and neurologic physical therapy practice together in a single volume that explores neurologic pathologies and their management across the lifespan. This field is crucial to our understanding of neurologic function, the effects of neurologic damage, and the plasticity of the nervous system as it responds to development, aging, damage, and activity. Therapists need a strong foundation in neuroscience to maximize their treatment methods and efficacy, so this text includes seven introductory chapters that provide a neuroscience foundation along with an introduction to the concepts of neuroplasticity in Chapter 8. Chapter 9 is an overview of the neurologic physical therapy evaluation that affords a foundation for disease-specific assessment, which is incorporated into the remaining 11 chapters. These 11 chapters delineate common neurologic disease and injury processes and the targeted physical therapy evaluation and treatment for each, examining the emerging evidence of how physical therapy can influence neuroplasticity. Each chapter is anchored by clinical cases, following a patient through the diagnostic process, physical therapy assessment, and potential treatment options across stages of the condition. Cases progress from acute care through inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation for conditions such as stroke or spinal cord injury, from infancy through adolescence for developmental disorders, or from early diagnosis through disease progression for conditions such as Parkinson's disease or multiple sclerosis. In addition, this text includes a lifespan approach encompassing changes associated with aging (Chapter 17) and three chapters on common pediatric conditions that effect the nervous system (Chapters 1820), including myelomeningocele, cerebral palsy, intellectual developmental disability, autism spectrum disorder, and others. Ultimately, this text unites the fields of neuroscience, neurologic rehabilitation, and neuroplasticity to guide the physical therapy student into their career as evidence-based practitioners.

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