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Introduction to Neuroanatomy

In a person standing, what two directions are roughly equivalent in the cerebral hemispheres?

A. Anterior–ventral

B. Inferior–dorsal

C. Anterior–rostral

D. Posterior–dorsal

C. Anterior–rostral

What kind of neural structure can be found in gray matter and in white matter?

A. Neuronal cell bodies

B. Axons

C. Dendrites of neurons

D. Synapses

B. Axons

How is a ganglion different from a nucleus

A. A ganglion has neuronal cell bodies

B. A ganglion is outside the CNS

C. A ganglion has incoming and outgoing connections

D. A ganglion is for sensory neurons

B. A ganglion is outside the CNS

The cerebellum is physically connected to the rest of the nervous system at the level of the

A. Cerebrum

B. Brainstem

C. Spinal cord

D. All of the above

B. Brainstem

Which part of the meninges is toughest and thickest?

A. The dura mater

B. The arachnoid mater

C. The subarachnoid space

D. The pia mater

B. The dura mater

Which of the following structures is most prominent on the mesial surface of the cerebral cortex along the midline?

A. Lateral sulcus

B. Central sulcus

C. Parietal occipital sulcus

D. Insular cortex

C. Parietal occipital sulcus

Which part of the basal ganglia is found immediately lateral to the lateral ventricle?

A. Caudate nucleus

B. Putamen

C. Globus pallidus

D. Substantia nigra

A. Caudate nucleus

What structure would not contain any corticospinal fibers passing from the cortex ...

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