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Cell proliferation in the developing nervous system begins in which area?

A. Cortical plate

B. Intermediate zone

C. Subplate

D. Ventricular zone

D. Ventricular zone

Which progenitor cells help to guide developing neurons to the cortical plate?

A. Ependymal cells

B. Intermediate progenitor cells

C. Radial glial cells

D. Short neural precursors

C. Radial glial cells

The overproduction of axonal projections is balanced by what process that eliminates some of these projections?

A. Apoptosis

B. Cell migration

C. Pruning

D. Programmed cell death

C. Pruning

Adult neurogenesis differs from that in the developmental period by which of the following?

A. It occurs only in the cortical plate of the mature brain

B. It occurs only in neurogenic niches in the mature brain

C. It occurs faster in the mature brain than the immature brain

D. It occurs more easily than gliogenesis in the mature brain

B. It occurs only in neurogenic niches in the mature brain

Long-term potentiation is associated with which mechanism?

A. Decreased calcium permeability

B. Enlargement of dendritic spines

C. Decreased protein synthesis

D. Diminished actin polymerization

B. Enlargement of dendritic spines

Angiogenesis involves the creation of new blood vessels in the mature brain.

A. True

B. False

B. False

Microglial synaptic pruning is associated with



C. synaptic scaling

D. enhanced actin polymerization


Dying back of the proximal segment of the axon is known as:

A. Anterograde degeneration

B. Orthograde ...

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