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Traumatic Brain Injury and Brain Tumor

A young man experiences a closed head injury with a contusion of the right frontal lobe, from falling over the handlebars of his bicycle; the likely place for a contre coup injury would be:

A. Right temporal lobe

B. Left temporal lobe

C. Right parietal lobe

D. Left occipital lobe

D. Left occipital lobe

A Grade 2 diffuse axonal injury typically involves damage to which structure(s):

A. Corpus callosum

B. Corpus callosum and parasagittal projections

C. Corpus callosum, parasagittal projections, and brainstem white matter

D. Microstructural damage to the parasagittal white matter

A. Corpus callosum

Chronic neurodegeneration (>1 year post-TBI) likely results from which mechanisms?

A. Anterograde degeneration

B. Excitotoxicity

C. Retrograde degeneration

D. Negative plasticity

D. Negative plasticity

Which assessment is commonly used to determine the clearance of post-traumatic amnesia?

A. Braintree Scale of Neurologic Stages of Recovery from Brain Injury

B. Galveston Orientation and Amnesia Test

C. JFK Coma Recovery Scale

D. Ranchos Los Amigos Cognitive Recovery Scale

B. Galveston Orientation and Amnesia Test

Amy is 14 weeks s/p a severe head injury; she does not remember anything about her accident. She is currently unable to remember what kind of job she held prior to the accident, anything about her 2 years of marriage to Matt, or details of her college years. She is able to remember her therapy schedules and transport herself to each session. Within sessions, she is able to remember some of the things learned from the preceding day and verbalize them. What kind of amnesia is Amy demonstrating?

A. Anterograde

B. Post-traumatic

C. Retrograde

C. Retrograde

A patient that is receiving PT in the ICU, following a severe TBI, begins to vomit. The therapist should be most concerned about:

A. Dysautonomia

B. Elevated intracranial pressure

C. Multi-organ failure


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