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From inception to completion, the various editions span almost 12 years. Such an endeavor cannot be completed without the help of many. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following:

  • The faculty of the North American Institute of Manual and Manipulative Therapy (NAIOMT)—especially, Jim Meadows, Erl Pettman, Cliff Fowler, Diane Lee, and the late Dave Lamb.

  • The exceptional team at McGraw-Hill, for their superb guidance throughout this object. Thank you especially to Michael Weitz for his advice and support and to other members of the initial lineup. Special thanks also to Brian Kearns.

  • To the production crew of Aptara, especially the project manager Amit Kashyap.

  • Bob Davis for his creative eye and the excellent photography.

  • Leah for agreeing to be the photographic model.

  • The staff of Human Motion Rehabilitation, Allegheny General Hospital including Troy Baxendell, Susan Berger, Diane Ferianc, Leslie Fisher, Keith Galloway, Dave Hahn, Dean Hnaras, John Karp, Ronald Klingensmith, Randi Marshak, Dan McCool, Renee Nacy, Dan Norkiewicz, Darcy Skrip, Jodi Weiher, Melissa Willis, and Joe Witt.

  • To the countless clinicians throughout the world who continually strive to improve their knowledge and clinical skills.

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