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We wish to offer a special thank you to all the clinicians and their medical staff for providing us the deidentified imaging studies illustrating the text: University of Kentucky Sports Medicine and Orthopaedics (Drs. Darren Johnson, Scott Mair, Michael Boland, Mauro Giordani, and Robert Hosey), Dr. Juan Yepes (University of Kentucky College of Dentistry), Dr. Sheri Albers (University of Kentucky Department of Radiology), Kentucky Sports Medicine (Dr. Mary Lloyd Ireland), Duke University Sports Medicine (Drs. William Garrett and Claude T. Moorman), Methodist Sports Medicine Center (Drs. John McCarroll, Gary Misamore, and Arthur Rettig), University of Evansville (Dr. Kyle Kiesel), Washington University Medical Center–Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology (Dr. William D. Middleton), University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics (Dr. Theodore Donta and Mr. Mark A. Nicklaus, RT [R][CT]), and Dr. Fulk at Cedar Court Imaging, Carbondale, Illinois. We also thank Linda Dalton, University of Kentucky Medical Center Image Management; and Dr. Kay-Geert A. Hermann, Department of Radiology, Charité Medical School, Berlin, Germany. Additional gratitude is due James Elliott, PT, PhD, Northwestern University, and Dr. Carlos Arend, Brazil.

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