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In the first incarnation of this book, we had chosen to focus on the emerging applications of imaging and its impact on the provision of rehabilitation services. In this retitled edition, we have broadened the scope to serve the health care provider. Today, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, athletic trainers, and physical and occupational therapists are all increasingly required to have knowledge of the applicability of imaging and the significance of its findings for optimal patient management. The digitalization of imaging has greatly improved the opportunity for providers to access and apply the results of diagnostic imaging to enhance clinical care. The text serves the needs of student and clinician alike, as a user-friendly guide to application of the common imaging modalities and the basic interpretation of these images. Each regional chapter describes the special applications unique to that region and how clinicians can select for optimal clinical decision making. In an attempt to demonstrate this, these chapters have case studies that illustrate concepts in a real-world setting. As many users may have a limited previous exposure to imaging, an internet-based resource (available at providing image and contextual information is provided to enhance general appreciation and interpretation. We hope this text will serve as a useful introduction to the fascinating and exploding world of imaging—serving the student and practicing clinician well.

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