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Anatomy: A Clinical Case Approach would not have been written without the inspiration provided by decades of interaction with our students and fellow anatomists. We are also grateful for the suggestions and feedback provided by colleagues and friends, including Joshua Barden, MD, Carol Cheney, MD, James Kleshinski, MD, Carl Sievert, PhD, and Martin Skie, MD.

We are grateful to Michael Weitz, Acquisitions Editor for McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing, for his confidence in our abilities, and his patience, flexibility, and encouragement at every stage of development of this book. Karen G. Edmonson, Managing Editor, Development, Editing, and Production, Medical Publications Division, was invaluable for guidance in formatting and organizing the book. Her knowledgeable and timely responses to our queries kept the process moving. Her skills in layout for the text and illustrations provided the capstone for our efforts. The final stage of the book’s journey was overseen by Indu Jawwad (Aptara, Inc.); her patience with final corrections in proof was remarkable.

Special thanks are due Sherry Andrews, Director of the Center for Creative Instruction at The University of Toledo. Her skill in keeping the authors and illustrators synchronized and her willingness to allocate resources when needed are greatly appreciated.

Success at all levels depends on a solid personal support system. Sharyl, Jayne, and David, our spouses, listened, counseled, and encouraged us at every stage as we rejoiced, complained, and worked extended days, evenings and weekends.

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