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I would like to thank my Editorial Director, Michael Weitz, my Project Developmental Editor, Peter Boyle, and my Administrative Assistant, Laura Libretti at McGraw-Hill, for their assistance in this project. From the very beginning, their advice and direction have certainly helped in its completion.

I would also like to thank the following individuals who served as content reviewers for this edition. Their input and suggestions have been invaluable in this revision process.

  •    Michael G. Dolan, MA, ATC

  •    Professor of Kinesiology

  •    Canisius College,

  •    Buffalo, New York


  •    Noah Wasielewski, PhD, ATC, CSCS

  •    Assistant Professor, Graduate Clinical Athletic Training Program

  •    Department of Exercise Science

  •    Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

  •    Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania


  •    Lisa S. Jutte, PhD, ATC

  •    Associate Professor

  •    Department of Sport Studies

  •    Xavier University

  •    Cincinnati, Ohio


  •    Joe Hart, PhD, ATC, FACSM, FNATA

  •    Associate Professor of Kinesiology

  •    Director of Clinical Research, Orthopaedic Surgery

  •    University of Virginia

  •    Charlottesville, Virginia


  •    Jennifer Ostrowski, PhD, LAT, ATC

  •    Associate Professor of Athletic Training

  •    Coordinator of Clinical Education

  •    Moravian College

  •    Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

I would also like to thank my family, our two sons Brian and Zach, and my wife Tena, who, during the past year, has taught all of us about the tenuous frailty of the human body and the amazing resiliency of the human spirit.

  •    Bill Prentice

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