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The National Athletic Trainers’ Association Code of Ethics states the principles of ethical behavior that should be followed in the practice of athletic training. It is intended to establish and maintain high standards and professionalism for the athletic training profession. The principles do not cover every situation encountered by the practicing athletic trainer, but are representative of the spirit with which athletic trainers should make decisions. The principles are written generally; the circumstances of a situation will determine the interpretation and application of a given principle and of the Code as a whole. When a conflict exists between the Code and the law, the law prevails.


Members shall respect the rights, welfare and dignity of all.

  • 1.1 Members shall not discriminate against any legally protected class.

  • 1.2 Members shall be committed to providing competent care.

  • 1.3 Members shall preserve the confidentiality of privileged information and shall not release such information to a third party not involved in the patient’s care without a release unless required by law.


Members shall comply with the laws and regulations governing the practice of athletic training.

  • 2.1 Members shall comply with applicable local, state, and federal laws and institutional guidelines.

  • 2.2 Members shall be familiar with and abide by all National Athletic Trainers’ Association standards, rules and regulations.

  • 2.3 Members shall report illegal or unethical practices related to athletic training to the appropriate person or authority.

  • 2.4 Members shall avoid substance abuse and, when necessary, seek rehabilitation for chemical dependency.


Members shall maintain and promote high standards in their provision of services.

  • 3.1 Members shall not misrepresent, either directly or indirectly, their skills, training, professional credentials, identity or services.

  • 3.2 Members shall provide only those services for which they are qualified through education or experience and which are allowed by their practice acts and other pertinent regulation.

  • 3.3 Members shall provide services, make referrals, and seek compensation only for those services that are necessary.

  • 3.4 Members shall recognize the need for continuing education and participate in educational activities that enhance their skills and knowledge.

  • 3.5 Members shall educate those whom they supervise in the practice of athletic training about the Code of Ethics and stress the importance of adherence.

  • 3.6 Members who are researchers or educators should maintain and promote ethical conduct in research and educational activities.


Members shall not engage in conduct that could be construed as a conflict of interest or that reflects negatively on the profession.

  • 4.1 Members should conduct themselves personally and professionally in a manner that does not compromise their professional responsibilities or the practice of athletic training.

  • 4.2 National Athletic Trainers’ Association current or past volunteer leaders shall ...

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