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abduction Movement of a body part away from the midline of the body.

accident An act that occurs by chance or without intention.

acclimatization A process by which an individual adapts to a gradual change in environmental conditions.

accommodating resistance Change in resistance at different points in the range.

active range of motion (AROM) Joint motion that occurs because of muscle contraction.

acute injury An injury with sudden onset and short duration.

adduction Movement of a body part toward the midline of the body.

adipose cell Stores triglyceride.

afferent nerves Nerves that transport messages toward the brain.

Affordable Care Act Mandates the availability of affordable health care insurance for every American.

agonist muscles Muscles directly engaged in contraction as related to muscles that relax at the same time.

ambient Environmental (e.g., temperature or air that invests one’s immediate environment).

ambulation Move or walk from place to place.

ameoboid action Cellular action like that of an amoeba, using protoplasmic pseudopod.

amenorrhea Absence or suppression of menstruation.

amino acids Basic units that make up proteins.

ampere Volume or amount of electrical energy.

analgesia Pain inhibition.

analgesic Agent that relieves pain without causing a complete loss of sensation.

anaphylaxis Increased susceptibility or sensitivity to a foreign protein or toxin as a result of previous exposure to it.

androgen Any substance that aids the development and controls the appearance of male characteristics.

anemia Lack of iron.

anesthesia Partial or complete loss of sensation.

ankle mortise Talocrural joint formed by the tibia, fibula, and talus.

anomaly Deviation from the normal.

anorexia Lack or loss of appetite; aversion to food.

anorexia nervosa Eating disorder characterized by a distorted body image.

anoxia Lack of oxygen.

antagonist muscles Muscles that counteract the action of the agonist muscles.

anterior Before or in front of.

anteroposterior Refers to the position of front to back.

anteversion Tipping forward of a part as a whole, without bending.

antipyretic Agent that relieves or reduces fever.

anxiety A feeling of uncertainty or apprehension.

apnea Temporary cessation of breathing.

apophysis Bony outgrowth to which muscles attach.

apophysitis Inflammation of an apophysis.

arrhythmical movement Irregular movement.

arthrogram Radiopaque material injected into a joint to facilitate the taking of an X-ray.

arthrokinematics Physiological and accessory movements of ...

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