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This text Exercise Physiology: Theory and Application to Fitness and Performance is not the effort of only two authors but represents the contributions of hundreds of scientists from around the world. Although it is not possible to acknowledge every contributor to this work, we would like to recognize the following scientists who have greatly influenced our thinking, careers, and lives in general: Drs. Bruno Balke, Ronald Byrd, Jerome Dempsey, Stephen Dodd, H. V. Forster, B. D. Franks, Steven Horvath, Henry Montoye, Francis Nagle, and Hugh G. Welch.

Moreover, we would like to thank Matt Hinkley, Aaron Morton, and Brian Parr for their assistance in providing suggestions for revisions to this book. Indeed, these individuals provided numerous contributions to the improvement of the tenth edition of this book. Finally, we would like to thank the following reviewers who provided helpful comments about the ninth and tenth editions of Exercise Physiology: Theory and Application to Fitness and Performance:

Alexandra Auslander

Fullerton College

William Byrnes

University of Colorado at Boulder

Jennifer Caputo,

Middle Tennessee State University

Kyle Coffey

University of Massachusetts Lowell

Lisa Cooper Colvin

University of the Incarnate Word

David J. Granniss

Gardner-Webb University

Kathy Howe

Oregon State University

Jenny Johnson

American Military University

Shane Kamer

Montreat College

Stephen LoRusso

Saint Francis University

Gregory Martel

Coastal Carolina University

Erica Morley

Arizona State University

Allen C. Parcell

Brigham Young University

John Quindry

Auburn University

Brady Redus

University of Central Oklahoma

Mark Snow

Midland University

Ann M. Swartz

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Eric Vlahov

The University of Tampa

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