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Principles of Rehabilitation Medicine has been designed to be the comprehensive and authoritative review for the specialty of physical medicine and rehabilitation. An electronic version is available for accessibility and flexibility.

The book offers a wide array of chapters with complete reviews of classical rehabilitation topics such as brain injury, spinal cord injury, stroke, pain management, and electrodiagnostic medicine. Additionally, there are large sections devoted to musculoskeletal medicine, pediatric rehabilitation, and sports. An expansive first section reviews fundamental knowledge essential to the basic rehabilitation assessment. Chapters reflect cutting-edge topics in the field such as regenerative medicine, rehabilitation of the veteran, rehabilitation of the polytrauma patient, hand rehabilitation, ethics, rehabilitation in pregnancy, sexual rehabilitation, rehabilitation of the injured worker, rehabilitation issues in the developing world, and rehabilitation at the end of life.

The chapters are authored by proven leaders in the field with a focus on pathophysiology, diagnosis, and rehabilitative management. Every effort has been made to convey the information in a concise manner with direct patient applications. The text is complemented by relevant figures, tables, and patient care algorithms, which are designed to confer a basic understanding of principles.

A project of this size required tremendous contributions by several teams. Special appreciation is given to the authors who shared their knowledge of the field. Additionally, our managing editors (Mrs. Antoinette Holthaus, Dr. Michael Carroll and Ms. Lauren Sawatzky) did a superb job in keeping the project on track. Finally, special thanks to the editorial staff at McGraw-Hill for their expertise, including our senior developmental editor, Ms. Regina Brown, and senior sponsoring editor, Ms. Amanda Fielding.

Raj Mitra, MD

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