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The second edition of Text and Atlas of Wound Diagnosis and Treatment is dedicated to my nine awesome grandchildren, each of whom has inspired me in his/her own way. From eldest to youngest, their individual personalities, values, and passions have touched my heart and soul as follows:

Amy, whose unwavering faith has inspired me to stay focused on my mission of serving God's people, especially those who have nonhealing wounds.

Michael, whose passion for music and pursuing his role in the musical industry, while at the same time developing his own teaching skills as a hands-on massage therapist, has inspired me to share my passion for treating patients through teaching colleagues and physical therapy students.

Chelsea, whose innate love of adventure has inspired me to say "Yes!" to every adventure offered by my profession, including editing this second edition after being supposedly retired.

Ben, whose compassion and dedication to serving the marginalized population has inspired me to focus my professional efforts on a patient population that is often undertreated due to lack of understanding of the pathologies and social ramifications of their medical issues.

Garrett, my tennis buddy, who has inspired me to stay physically active, to always take time to play and travel, even when deadlines are looming.

Fabrizio, whose unabashed curiosity has inspired me to be open and unashamed to ask questions of my patients and colleagues in order to answer the question "Why isn't this wound healing?" because it is in asking that we learn.

Juliet, whose creativity has inspired me to be creative in my approach to patients, to make our time together fun and full of laughter, and to always be willing to think outside the box when the answers seem to allude me.

Zvi, whose unboundless energy has inspired me to keep my own energy level as high as possible for my family, friends, and profession, and whose desire to have more "GG time" has constantly reminded me of what is most important in my life.

Izzy, whose enthusiasm for and engagement in all of the world around her inspires me to be engaged with my profession, but only as much as engagement with family and friends will comfortably allow.

To each of my grandchildren, thank you for being yourselves and for all the inspiration you so generously, albeit unknowingly, give to me every day. I love you beyond words!!!

  • Grandma Rose/GG

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