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First, I acknowledge my sincere gratitude to Peter C. Panus. Had I not answered a specific phone call more than ten years ago, I would not have had the opportunity to co-author this textbook and work with such talented colleagues. Second, I would like to thank each of the hundreds of physical therapy students who have taught me how to be a better teacher—both in the classroom and hopefully, on the written page. A very special note of appreciation is due to Dr. Bert Katzung, whose early interest in helping me become a better writer has made a lasting impression. Finally, I would like to thank my husband, Kenneth Tovar, for his consistent encouragement. Nothing productive could have occurred without his patient love and support. To all the individuals that I have undoubtedly forgotten to mention, I express my sincere appreciation.

—Erin E. Jobst

I would first like to express my appreciation to McGraw-Hill for continuing to support the publication of the first and second editions of this textbook. Along with the other authors of this book, I too would like to thank Dr. Bert Katzung, who took a chance that an unknown in both pharmacology education and physical therapy would be able to develop a textbook for physical therapy education. Although not listed as authors in this edition, the input and style of both Dr. Susan B. Masters and Dr. Anthony J. Trevor are also apparent in this edition as well as the first. Finally, I would like to thank my wife, Dr. Leslie W. Panus, who supported me during the writing of this edition and helped proof the final version of these chapters.

—Peter C. Panus

I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Erin Jobst and Dr. Peter Panus for inviting me to join the team. It's been my honor to serve as part of the UCSF Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology department. I am deeply grateful to my pharmacology mentors, Dr. Susan B. Masters, Dr. Anthony J. Trevor, and above all Dr. Bert G. Katzung. They shared with me their passion for pharmacology and for teaching. They inspire me every day to do my best in the classroom and in our textbooks. I thank the numerous students for their insightful questions, which pushed me to become a better educator. Finally, I thank my husband Carl T. Hall for his support and advice.

—Marieke Kruidering-Hall

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