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Chapter 4: Introduction to Autonomic Pharmacology

Cholinergic nerve fibers release which of the following?

a. Acetylcholine

b. Dopamine

c. Epinephrine

d. Norepinephrine

Which of the following is the neurotransmitter found in the synapse between pre- and postganglionic nerve fibers in the autonomic nervous system?

a. Norepinephrine

b. Dopamine

c. Epinephrine

d. Acetylcholine

Which of the following is the enzyme in the presynaptic nerve terminal responsible for degrading norepinephrine?

a. Acetylcholinesterase

b. Dopa decarboxylase

c. Monoamine oxidase

d. Catechol-O-methyltransferase

Which of the following is a presynaptic autoreceptor that when stimulated diminishes additional norepinephrine release from the nerve terminal?

a. Angiotensin-2

b. Alpha-2

c. Beta-2

d. Nicotinic

The sympathetic nervous system is also known as which of the following?

a. Craniosacral

b. Craniolumbar

c. Thoracosacral

d. Thoracolumber

In the sympathetic nervous system, where is acetylcholine the neurotransmitter?

a. Sweat glands

b. Blood vessels

c. Myocardium

d. Urinary bladder

Which of the following receptor subtypes is located on the postsynaptic side of the synapse at the neuromuscular junction?

a. Alpha

b. Beta

c. Nicotinic

d. Muscarinic

Stimulation of which of the following receptors on blood vessels results in vasoconstriction?

a. Alpha-1

b. Beta-1

c. Beta-3

d. Beta-2

What is the ...

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