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Chapter 13: Sedative-Hypnotic Drugs

Which of the following drugs does not have a mechanism of action that involves activation of the GABAA ionotropic receptor?

a. Ramelteon

b. Pentobarbital

c. Diazepam

d. Zolpidem

A next day “hangover effect” would be least likely with which of the following drugs?

a. Flurazepam

b. Triazolam

c. Alprazolam

d. Secobarbital

In an overdose situation, flumazenil would not reverse the respiratory depression of which of the following drugs?

a. Diazepam

b. Clorazepate

c. Phenobarbital

d. Eszopiclone

Which of the following conditions would not exacerbate the pharmacologic effects of benzodiazepines?

a. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

b. Heart failure

c. Hepatic cirrhosis

d. Peptic ulcer

Which of the following is not a clinical use of the sedative-hypnotics?

a. Narcolepsy

b. Presurgical adjuvant

c. Anxiolytic

d. Ethanol detoxification

Which of the following describes the action of zolpidem on the GABAA receptor?

a. Direct-acting agonist

b. Allosteric enhancer

c. Direct-acting antagonist

d. Allosteric inhibitor

Which of the following describes the ability of a drug to encourage sleep?

a. Anesthesia

b. Coma

c. Hypnosis

d. Sedation

Which of the following drugs has its clinical hypnotic effect via direct receptor antagonism?

a. Buspirone

b. Phenobarbital

c. Flumazenil

d. Suvorexant


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