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Chapter 21: Drugs of Abuse

Which of the following agents is a primary cannabinoid responsible for producing psychoactive effects?

a. Cannabidiol

b. Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

c. Dronabinol

d. Heroin

Which of the following agents has not been used as an adjunctive treatment for alcoholism, or alcohol use disorder?

a. Niacin

b. Naltrexone

c. Acamprosate

d. Disulfiram

Which of the following agents would most likely be used in the treatment of acute alcohol ingestion to decrease the risk of seizures?

a. Ondansetron

b. Naltrexone

c. Benzodiazepines

d. Amphetamines

Which of these agents would not be used in the medical treatment of opioid dependence?

a. Morphine

b. Buprenorphine

c. Lofexidine

d. Clonidine

Which of the following drugs is abused in order to increase muscle mass?

a. Amyl nitrite

b. Isobutyl nitrite

c. Testosterone

d. Morphine

Which of the following drugs is a benzodiazepine associated with use in “date rape”?

a. Flunitrazepam

b. Diazepam

c. Flumazenil

d. Chlordiazepoxide

Which of the following is not an adverse effect of anabolic steroids?

a. Severe acne

b. Hypotension

c. Cardiomyopathy

d. Increased aggression

Which of the following drugs has been abused primarily in order to enhance sexual intercourse?

a. Morphine

b. Amyl nitrite

c. Cannabidiol

d. Chloroform


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