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Chapter 25: Drugs that Affect Bone Mineral Homeostasis

Which of the following is not a primary regulator of bone mineral homeostasis?

a. Estrogen

b. Parathyroid hormone

c. Vitamin D

d. Fibroblast growth factor 23

Which drug increases the risk of esophageal irritation?

a. Vitamin D

b. Calcitonin

c. Alendronate

d. Raloxifene

Which of the following drugs for osteoporosis decreases the risk of spinal, but not hip fractures?

a. Raloxifene

b. Zoledronate

c. Teriparatide

d. Denosumab

Which of the following agents is least likely to cause gastrointestinal distress?

a. Calcitonin

b. Teriparatide

c. Vitamin D

d. Raloxifene

Which of the following conditions may thiazide diuretics be used to treat?

a. Hypercalciuria

b. Hyperthyroidism

c. Osteoporosis

d. Osteomalacia

At what serum concentration range of 25(OH)D is an individual considered vitamin D deficient?

a. < 20 ng/mL

b. 20-30 ng/mL

c. 30-40 ng/mL

d. 40-50 ng/mL

Which of the following is a monoclonal antibody that inhibits the action of RANK ligand?

a. Strontium ranelate

b. Denosumab

c. Calcipotriol

d. Cinacelcet

Which of the following drugs is used to treat the secondary hyperparathyroidism of chronic kidney disease?

a. Teriparatide

b. Fluoride

c. Calcitonin

d. Doxercalciferol

Which of the following is the main adverse ...

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