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Chapter 28: Antiviral Agents

Which of the following drugs does not require phosphorylation to inhibit herpetic DNA polymerase activity?

a. Foscarnet

b. Cidofovir

c. Acyclovir

d. Docosanol

Which of the following is a prodrug of penciclovir?

a. Valacyclovir

b. Famciclovir

c. Fosamprenavir

d. Tenofovir disoproxil fumarate

Which of the following is the allosteric inhibitor of the NS5B RNA-dependent RNA polymerase in the hepatitis C virus?

a. Delavirdine

b. Sofosbuvir

c. Dasabuvir

d. Simeprevir

Which of the following antiretroviral drugs has minimal cross-resistance with the other drugs listed below?

a. Tenofovir

b. Abacavir

c. Lamivudine

d. Efavirenz

Which of the following drugs is a pharmacokinetic “booster” that decreases the first-pass hepatic metabolism of other antiretroviral drugs?

a. Ritonavir

b. Fosamprenavir

c. Indinavir

d. Amprenavir

Taking vitamin E supplements may be contraindicated with which of the following drugs?

a. Foscarnet

b. Fosamprenavir

c. Atazanavir

d. Lopinavir

Which of the following drug classes has the highest risk for insulin resistance as an adverse effect?

a. Antiherpetic drugs

b. Nucleoside/nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitors

c. Protease inhibitors

d. Neuraminidase inhibitors

Which of the following drugs may increase the risk of psychiatric disorders due to increased dopaminergic activity in the central nervous system?

a. Zanamivir

b. Peramivir

c. Ribavirin

d. Amantadine


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