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Figure I.1 Scalpels

Figure I.2 Scissors

Figure I.3 Forceps

Figure I.4 Hemostats or clamps

Figure I.5 Probes

Figure I.6 Specialized tools

Figure I.7 Electric bone saw

Figure I.8 Eyewear

Figure I.9 Gowns and gloves

Figure 1.1 The superficial back with portions of the shoulder and neck visible

Figure 1.2 The intermediate back with neck and shoulder visible

Figure 1.3 Dorsal scapular nerve deep to rhomboids

Figure 1.4 Deep extrinsic muscles of the back

Figure 1.5 The deep or intrinsic back muscles

Figure 1.6 Deep muscles of the neck

Figure 1.7 The suboccipital triangle in the deep posterior neck

Figure 2.1 Posterior shoulder including scapular spaces

Figure 2.2 Suprascapular fossa with supraspinatus muscle removed

Figure 2.3 The muscles of the chest, with implantable medical devices

Figure 2.4 Lateral view of chest with serratus anterior

Figure 2.5 Pectoralis major reflected to show pectoralis minor and axilla

Figure 2.6 Axilla from the anterior view with pectoralis minor reflected

Figure 2.7 Arterial branches of the axillary region with veins removed

Figure 2.8 The brachial plexus cords and terminal branches

Figure 2.9 Posterior cord with branches from the subclavicular trunks and rami (Superior view above clavicle (removed) looking inferiorly. Posterior is up, medial is right, anterior is down.).

Figure 2.10 The muscles and neurovasculature of the anterior arm

Figure 2.11 The distal anterior arm and elbow

Figure 2.12 The posterior arm musculature and neurovasculature

Figure 2.13 Radial groove from lateral view of the arm

Figure 2.14 Superficial dissection of the elbow with cubital vein

Figure 2.15 Deep dissection of the cubital fossa

Figure 2.16 The superficial structures of the anterior arm

Figure 2.17 The deep structures of the anterior arm

Figure 2.18 The anterior interosseous surface of the anterior arm

Figure 2.19 Arteries of the anterior arm

Figure 2.20 Structures of the radial group of the superficial posterior arm

Figure 2.21 Structures of the extensor group of the superficial posterior arm

Figure 2.22 Structures of the deep posterior arm

Figure 2.23 Total shoulder replacement

Figure 2.24 The anatomical snuff box and related structures

Figure 2.25 The structures of the superficial palmar hand

Figure 2.26 Intermediate structures of the palmar hand with flexor retinaculum removed

Figure 2.27 The deep structures of the ...

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