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List of professional sports medicine organizations

Clarifying roles

Athletic injury management checklist

Looking to hire a certified athletic trainer?

Secondary School Student Athletes’ Bill of Rights

Rules and policies of the athletic health care facility

Suggestions for maintaining a sanitary environment

Cleaning responsibilities

Recommended health practices checklist

Orthopedic Screening Examination

Recommended basic health care facility supplies

Recommended basic field kit supplies

Athletic injury management checklist

Athletic injury management checklist

Key features and benefits of the Affordable Care Act

Athletic injury management checklist

Periodization training

Principles of conditioning

Guidelines and precautions for stretching

Techniques for improving muscular strength

Progressive resistance exercise terminology

Comparison of aerobic versus anaerobic activities

Rating of perceived exertion

Athletic injury management checklist


Most widely used herbs and purposes for use

Tips for selecting fast foods

Guidelines for weight loss

Recognizing the individual with disordered eating

Athletic injury management checklist

Equipment regulatory agencies

Guidelines for purchasing and reconditioning helmets

Proper football helmet fit

Rules for fitting football shoulder pads

Shoe comparisons

Athletic injury management checklist

Universal WBGT index fluid replacement recommendations

Summary and comparison of heat disorders, treatment, and prevention

Recommendations for fluid replacement

Recommendations for preventing heat illness

Athletic injury management checklist

Sample emergency action plan

Consent form for medical treatment of a minor

CPR summary

Vital signs

Initial management of acute injuries

Athletic injury management checklist

Transmission of hepatitis B and C viruses and human immunodeficiency virus

HIV risk reduction

Bloodborne pathogen risk categories for sports

Glove removal and use

Suggested practices in wound care

Care of skin wounds

Athletic injury management checklist

Taping supplies

Athletic injury management checklist

Return to running following lower-extremity injury functional progression

What are therapeutic modalities used for?

Using ice versus heat?

Full return to play

Athletic injury management checklist

Progressive reactions of injured athletes based on severity of injury and length of rehabilitation

Nine factors to incorporate into goal setting for the athlete

Things a coach or fitness professional can do to provide social support for an injured athlete

Athletic injury management checklist

Muscles of the foot

Caring for a torn blister

Managing the ingrown toenail

Muscles of the ankle joint

Technique for controlling swelling immediately following injury

Muscles of the knee joint

Muscles of the thigh, hip, and groin

Muscles of the shoulder complex

Muscles of the elbow

Muscles of the forearm

Muscles of the wrist, hand, and fingers

Muscles of the spine

Recommended postures and practices for preventing low back pain

Muscles of the abdomen and thorax

When an athlete shows any signs of a concussion

The Graded Symptoms Checklist

Common viral, bacterial, and fungal skin infections found in athletes

Preventing the spread of MRSA

Basic care of athlete’s foot

Symptoms and management of the acute asthmatic attack

Using a metered-dose inhaler

Classifying blood pressure

Some infectious viral diseases

Identifying a woman at risk for female athletic triad

Sexually transmitted diseases

Identifying an individual who may be using performance-enhancing drugs

Examples of caffeine-containing products

Examples of deleterious effects of anabolic steroids

Banned drugs—common ground

Estimated number of young people ages 6–17 enrolled in specific categories of youth sports

Tanner stages of maturity

Guidelines for Youth Strength Training

Sports safety tips

Sports parents safety checklist

National Action Plan for Sports Safety

Athletic injury management checklist

Board of certification requirements for certification as an athletic trainer

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