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Exercise type: 2: What Structure is This?

Instruction: User will look at the highlighted structure and identify it from a list of five possibilities.

View: Transcranial Temporomandibular Joint:

What is the shaded structure in the image?

A. The lateral pole of the condyle

B. The neck of the condyle

C. The articular disc

D. The superimposed maxilla

E. The medial pole of the condyle

Question Rationale: Consider the downward and lateral orientation of the x-ray beam and the fact that the transcranial radiograph selectively images the lateral aspect of the TMJ. Because of this the lateral pole appears closest, of the condylar structures, to the roof of the mandibular fossa.

The highlighted structure is a part of:

A. The maxilla

B. The mandible

C. The zygomatic bone

D. The temporal bone

E. Occipital bone

Question Rationale: This bone is the temporal bone, the cranial partner of the temporomandibular joint. The maxilla and zygomatic bones are much further anteriorly and the occipital bone further posteriorly.

What is the highlighted structure?

A. Neck of the condyle

B. Angle of mandible

C. Lateral pole of the condyle

D. Intercondylar ridge

E. Medial pole of the condyle

Question Rationale: Remember that you are looking at the condyle obliquely from above. The elliptical shape is the long axis of the condyle, and the end of the condyle, furthest away from the fossa, is the medial pole. The angle of the mandible is much further down.

What is the highlighted structure superimposed on the condyle?

A. The styloid process

B. The zygomatic arch


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