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Every person sustains injuries that can sometimes result in dermal wounds. These wounds almost always require active healing by the patient. Fortunately, millions of years of evolution have resulted in exquisitely sensitive, redundant, and effective healing mechanisms. While most of these wounds heal without clinician intervention, some do not. That is the focus of Essential Elements of Wound Diagnosis and why the information in this book is so important. For the physician, nurse, physical therapist or wound clinician, knowing the clues for problem wounds and having a scheme to treat them can be essential to a happy patient with a healing wound.

This book is based on the experiences of two busy clinicians who have worked together for years. It provides an organized approach to the diagnosis of wounds and their care. These are documented with great photographs that will help a treating clinician to recognize the problem their patient has presented and to begin a treatment that is practical and mechanistic. This is the kind of reference that every practice should have easily available. I hope the reader will appreciate the decades of experience and hundreds of patients who are in the background. This is a book to read, but then return to again and again.

Congratulations to the authors for a job well done!

Warren Garner, MD, FACS
Professor of Surgery
Keck School of Medicine, USC

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