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As the movement system emerges as a framework to guide physical therapist identity and practice in the United States, we believe that we, as a team, have “been there all along.” This textbook is all about movement: movement within the profession of physical therapy, movement as a part of the human experience, and movement in personal goals, dreams, and career paths that occur during a lifetime. As the field of physical therapy has grown and matured, so have the ideas presented herein. The process of revising and editing the 31-chapter manuscripts for this textbook has been challenging in the face of all our other responsibilities, full-time academic positions, and unique challenges encountered during a pandemic. The collaborative dedication of three editors to producing a unique, relevant, and up-to-date textbook on musculoskeletal interventions made this fourth edition possible. We each bring unique perspectives regarding writing, therapeutic exercise, clinical interventions, and the process of rehabilitation, spanning over three decades (yes, we are getting old!). Regardless, despite some differences, we have enjoyed working together as a (geographically distanced) team to achieve our collective goal of bringing the vision of new edition of Musculoskeletal Interventions: Techniques for Therapeutic Exercise to fruition.

We would like to personally thank each of the amazing contributing authors. They were asked to contribute to this text because we have tremendous respect for each of them personally and professionally. These individuals have distinguished themselves as educators, clinicians, and researchers, dedicated to the rehabilitation of a wide variety of individuals of all ages and abilities. We are exceedingly grateful for their input and willingness to share their ideas in the form of writing, pictures, and videos.

Finally, we would collectively like to thank people important to us throughout our careers and in the process of revising and editing this textbook. To our many friends and colleagues who have contributed to “who we are today” with creative thinking, intellectual challenges, and mentorship: you have shaped and influenced us, for that we are grateful. You have instilled in each of us the desire to continue learning, to challenge others to learn, grow, be change agents, and to seek continued improvement in the practice of physical therapy. These same friends and colleagues constantly keep us growing (older), laughing, loving life, and enjoying the many blessings of careers in rehabilitation.

Barb would like to thank her family: Dave, Lindsay, Dustin, Josephine, and Matthew— who continually support in her career-related works, which sometimes leave her a bit frazzled. “You are all my sounding boards and help me assess my work–life balance (which often is unbalanced!). Sweet Josie, I hope someday you would read your Grandmother’s book!” Barb would like to thank her parents for their guidance, love, and unwavering support, and their belief in her as an educator. She also wishes to thank her co-editors for their mentorship, patience, and dedication to this project, “you two are amazing and together we made another edition happen.” Barb would also like to acknowledge her many sports physical therapy colleagues for their love, support, and enduring friendships. Finally, she would like to acknowledge her faculty colleagues and the DPT students at Grand Valley State University who challenge her daily to excel, remain humble, and to share knowledge with the “next generation” of physical therapists.

Mike would like to give special thanks to several individuals. First, he would like to thank his co-editors/authors, Barb and Bill, with whom he has been friends with throughout his entire career. “These two individuals are the best possible co-editors, as we not only work to our strengths, but also commiserate when things just don’t go as smoothly as we would like. I will always owe them a debt of gratitude.” Second, he thanks Gary Austin, his current School of Physical Therapy Chair at Belmont University. “He has not only been supportive of me throughout the entire process, but also knows when the right words of encouragement are needed.” Both Gary and Mike’s colleagues within the School of Physical Therapy have provided Mike the academic freedom and time to pursue this project. They challenge him every day to seek excellence. To Mike’s students in the past and present who also challenge him to be the best possible educator that he can be: “I would like to thank my close family. To my parents who started me down the right path and gave me educational freedom; to my mentors Tab Blackburn, Skip Hunter, and Steve Tippett who continue to give me professional direction; and finally, to my wife Cissy, who has had to pay the price for my passion for excellence while at the same time providing wisdom, endless support, and inspiration to help sustain this passion for being an educator. I owe each of you my deepest gratitude for always being there.”

Bill would like to first thank his two co-editors, Mike and Barb: “We have known each other for a very long time, and it has been a pleasure to hang out with you guys and to work with you on this textbook. Thank you for putting up with my rants.” He would also like to thank his sports medicine family at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he has spent almost his entire professional career. The clinical staff and Bill’s faculty colleagues, and students both past and present, have been an absolute pleasure to work with over so many truly incredible years. They have always been so kind and supportive of this old man and I have the utmost respect for each and every one of them. Most importantly, to my family—our two sons Brian and Zach and new daughter-in-law Megan— are what make an effort such as this worthwhile. They have always kept me grounded and helped me maintain focus in both my personal and professional life and I am incredibly proud of each of them.. And finally, to my wife Tena …” I could not be more thankful that you and I found such a wonderful life in Chapel Hill. Over the last several years you have taught us all not only about the tenuous frailty of the human body, but also about the amazing resilience of the human spirit. You have truly been an inspiration.”

Thank-you to all—we enjoyed the ride and hope you enjoy the outcome!

Barbara J. Hoogenboom
Michael L. Voight
William E. Prentice

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