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The creation of a new edition of a textbook requires the support of colleagues, friends, and loved ones. Each of us wants to identify specific sources of support, without which we could not have completed this twelfth edition.

Richard wants to acknowledge students and colleagues throughout the world who have told or sent him their ideas and suggestions concerning ways to make the book work better for them in the classes they teach. He greatly appreciates their interest in assisting his efforts to develop this new edition. On a more personal level, he again acknowledges and thanks his wife, Susan Koff, for her support, encouragement, suggestions, and patience. He is dedicating this edition to her for her constancy in “being there.”

David would like to acknowledge support from Alvin Alvarez, Dean of the College of Health and Social Sciences at San Francisco State University, as well as support from the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs. He is indebted to the many colleagues and collaborators from across the world who have inspired his work and shaped his perspective on motor learning and control. Finally, he would like to thank his wife Suzanne and daughter Torre for patiently enduring the many intrusions into “family time” that were necessary to complete this book. David is dedicating the book to his wife, Suzanne Diane Anderson, for her love and the unparalleled personal and professional support she has provided over many, many years.

A new edition of a book would not be possible without the effort and encouragement of the developmental and production editors at McGraw-Hill. We thank them for their direction, suggestions, and patience. We also thank the many undergraduate and graduate students who have been in our classes. It is difficult to express how much we have learned from them and how they have influenced much of the content of this book.

We also greatly appreciate the feedback from the following reviewers: Rhonda Fleming, Limestone College; Dr. Raisbeck, UNCG; Gunars Cazers, University of West Alabama; and Anthony Mayo, San Francisco State University.

Richard A. Magill
New York City, New York

David I. Anderson
San Francisco, California

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