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a: to, at

a continuación: the following

a la derecha: to the right

a la izquierda: to the left

¿A qué edad?: At what age?

a ver: let’s see

abdomen (m.): abdomen

abierto: open (as in, “The door is open.”)

aborto (m.): abortion

aborto (m.) inducido, legrado (m.): elective, induced or therapeutic abortion

abril: April

abrir: open (to)

absceso (m.), postema (f.): abscess

abuelo(a): grandfather (grandmother)

aceite (m.) de olivo/oliva: olive oil

acelerado(a): hyper, jumpy

acidez (f.): acidity, heartburn

acné (m.): acne

acongojado(a): overwhelmed

acostarse: lie back, down (to)

actividad (f.): activity

adenoides (m.): adenoids

admirado(a): admired, surprised

adormecido(a): numb, sleepy

adrenalina (f.): adrenaline

afeitarse: shave oneself (to)

agarrar: grab (to)

agosto: August

agotado(a): exhausted

agotamiento (m.): exhaustion

agrandamiento del riñón (m.)/hígado (m.): enlargement of the kidney/liver

agrietarse, “rajarse”: chap (to)

agrio(a): sour

agruras (f.), acidez (f.): heart burn, acidity

agua (f., use “el” in the singular): water

aguas (f.) frescas: natural fruit drinks made with water

agudo(a): sharp

agüitado(a) (Mex.), achicopalado(a) (Carib.): somewhat depressed, down, feeling blah

aguja (f.): needle

ahogarse, “atragantarse,” “dar al galillo”: choke (to)

ahora, ahorita, ya: now

aislar: isolate (to)

ajá: aha

ajo (m.): garlic

al acostarse: upon going to bed, when going to bed

al levantarse: upon getting up

al rato: in a little while

al terminar: upon finishing

alcanfor: camphor (tea, lotion)

alegre: happy

alergia (f.), coriza (f.) (Cuba): allergy

alfileres (m.): pins

algodoncillo: thrush

algún, alguna: any

¿Alguna vez ha sufrido de (ha tenido) …?: Have you ever had …?

algunos(as): some


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