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This text Exercise Physiology: Theory and Application to Fitness and Performance is not the effort of only three authors but represents the contributions of hundreds of scientists from around the world. Although it is not possible to acknowledge every contributor to this work, we would like to recognize the following scientists who have greatly influenced our thinking, careers, and lives in general: Drs. Bruno Balke, Ronald Byrd, Jerome Dempsey, Stephen Dodd, H. V. Forster, B. D. Franks, Steven Horvath, Henry Montoye, Francis Nagle, and Hugh G. Welch.

Moreover, we would like to thank Luke Alford, Matthew Bomkamp, Kathryn Christison, Shae Gurney, Alfeil A. Felipe, Zoha Irfan, Daniel Khokhar, Yassine Lahlou, Ravinkumar Masheshkumar, Saif A. Memon, Nikhil N. Patel, Francesca Ratovich, Nicholas J. Swartz, Brian C. Tran, and Cassie Williamson-Reisdorph for their assistance in providing suggestions for revisions to this book. Indeed, these individuals provided numerous contributions to the improvement of the eleventh edition of this book. Finally, we would like to thank the following reviewers who provided helpful comments about the previous editions of Exercise Physiology: Theory and Application to Fitness and Performance:

Brett Bruininks

University of St. Thomas

Dan Carl

University of Cincinnati

Feng He

California State University, Chico

Kathryn Rosie Lanphere

University of Kentucky

Brittanie Lockard

University of the Incarnate Word

Ayanna Lyles

California University of Pennsylvania

Rich Morris

Rollins College

Engaging Presentation of Key Concepts Supported by the Latest Research

Research Focus

No matter what their career direction, students must learn how to read and think about the latest research. Research Focus presents new research and explains why it’s relevant.


A Closer Look

A Closer Look offers an in-depth view of topics that are of special interest to students. This feature encourages students to dig deeper into key concepts.


Ask the Expert

This question-and-answer feature lets you find out what leading scientists have to say about topics such as the effect of space flight on skeletal muscle and the effect of exercise on bone health.


Practical Applications of Exercise Physiology

Clinical Applications

Learn how exercise physiology is used in the clinical setting.


The Winning Edge

How do athletes find the “extra edge” that can make the difference between victory and defeat? These features explain the science behind a winning performance.


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