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Clinical Sports Nutrition, now in its sixth edition, is the quintessential reference textbook for scientific information and practice in sports nutrition from an evidence-based perspective, which integrates the best evidence from research together with clinical expertise from sports dietitians. This edition has been extensively revised by internationally recognised experts, incorporating the latest research relevant to the elite athlete. At the end of each chapter, experienced sports dietitians provide practical strategies for translating this research into practice.

Topics include the physiology and molecular basis of exercise; the nutritional assessment of athletes; physique measurement protocols; weight loss and weight-making; nutritional strategies before and during competition and for recovery; periodisation, micronutrient needs and iron depletion; the concept of energy availability, relative energy deficiency in sports (RED-S), measurement protocols and eating disorders; exercise-induced gastrointestinal issues; supplements and sports foods; requirements for specific athlete populations (e.g. children, vegetarians, masters athletes); and nutritional and physiological considerations for different environmental conditions (e.g. travel, cold, heat, altitude).

Several chapters have been substantially updated since the last edition and renamed to reflect changes in terminology. These include low energy availability and RED-S; periodisation of nutrition; gut issues; food intolerance and allergies; supplements; and making weight. A new commentary on sustainable eating for athletes has been added.

This book is targeted at students interested in a career in sports nutrition. It is also applicable to sports nutrition professionals who need to translate evidence into their practice with athletes and coaches. We wish all of you excellence in your endeavours and hope that Clinical Sports Nutrition can assist you on this pathway.

Louise Burke
Vicki Deakin
Michelle Minehan

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