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The authors of the digital teaching resources, Vicki Deakin and Michelle Minehan, have extensive pedagogical experience in teaching and providing practical clinical and sports nutrition intervention and education sessions to a wide range of elite and recreational athletes at varying ages and levels of sporting ability. The resources that accompany this text are based on their experiences and are targeted mainly at university students undertaking sports nutrition at the undergraduate level. These resources are intended for use by teaching staff for discussion in tutorials and for distribution to students to consolidate or test their understanding of applied sports nutrition.

The authors have used a problem-solving learning approach based on real-life case studies that require evidence-based justification when providing nutrition advice or intervention. Accompanying each case study is a range of different types of questions including discussion, short answer and multiple choice with accompanying answers and feedback. Case studies and the accompanying questions cover concepts from several chapters and focus on consolidating, developing and translating existing knowledge in exercise physiology, nutritional science and sports nutrition into practical nutrition advice, largely targeted at individual elite athletes. Some questions require students to modify sports nutrition research to recreational athletes, including sporting groups and teams of varying ages and abilities and in different environmental situations.

After completion of the case studies and accompanying questions, students are expected to apply and demonstrate an evidence-based decision-making approach that is appropriate to their formal qualifications and level of training. A qualification in therapeutic nutrition (i.e. dietetics) is required to provide nutritional advice to people and athletes with underlying medical problems.

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