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Which of the following best describes the characteristics of hyaline cartilage?

A. Distributes forces, is avascular and aneural, and is located in diarthrosis joints.

B. Distributes forces, is highly vascular, contains free-nerve endings, and is located in fibrocartilaginous joints.

C. Resists compressive forces, is highly vascular and aneural, and is located within synovial joints.

D. Resists compressive forces, is avascular, contains free-nerve endings, and is located in synarthrodial joints.

The answer is A. Hyaline cartilage contains no nerves or blood vessels and is found on the anterior ends of ribs, in the larynx, trachea, and bronchi, and on the articulating surfaces of bones.

Which type of connective tissue (CT) in the musculoskeletal system is made up of dense CT and provides joint stability and proprioceptive input?

A. Fascia

B. Tendons

C. Ligaments

D. Cartilage

The answer is C. Ligaments function as check-reins to joint motion.

Which of the following joint categories best describes the classification of the intermetatarsal joint?

A. Spheroid

B. Trochoid

C. Planar

D. Saddle

The answer is C. The intermetatarsal joints, which are a good example of a planar joint, are the articulations between the base of metatarsal bones.

A patient performing a bicep curl with a 10-lb weight in his/her hand is an example of which type of lever?

A. First-class lever

B. Second-class lever

C. Third-class lever

D. Fourth-class lever

The answer is C. The third-class lever has the input force between the output force and the fulcrum. So the elbow joint is the fulcrum, the 10-lb weight is the resistance/load, and the force is the biceps muscle when the elbow is flexed.

After the initial lengthening caused by crimp, what is the term that describes the gradual rearrangement of collagen fibers, proteoglycans, and water due to a continuously applied force?

A. Creep

B. Tension


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