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A PTA arrives at a patient’s home and finds the patient on the floor with an obvious injury to their right lower extremity. The caregiver is present but is evidently distressed. Which of the following actions is most appropriate for the therapist to perform?

A. Get the patient off the floor and take vital signs.

B. Call 911 and the home health agency for medical support.

C. Call the home health agency and report the incident.

D. Call 911 and leave the patient with the caregiver to wait for the paramedics.

The answer is B. If a patient has an obvious injury, medical support is critical, and the home health therapist should call 911 but must also call the home health agency to report and complete paperwork as required. The patient and caregiver should not be left until after the paramedics have arrived.

A PTA is working in a skilled nursing facility and has been informed that the patient has measles. Which of the following precautions are the minimum requirements for the therapist while working with this patient?

A. Personal mask at all times.

B. Mask if within 3 ft of the patient.

C. Gown, gloves, and mask at all times.

D. Gown if in direct contact with the patient.

The answer is A. Measles is an airborne infection, so a mask must be worn at all times when working with the patient. Gown and gloves are not required but can be used if the therapist or the facility requires them.

A PTA is working in the home of a patient with a long history of cardiac disease. The patient has recently had a pacemaker fitted and has been cleared for therapy to improve functional activity. Which of the following monitoring protocols is the most appropriate for the therapist to use with this patient?

A. Take pulse and respiratory rate regularly throughout the session.

B. Continue working with the patient to 80% heart rate maximum.

C. Do not exercise this patient as it is a contraindication.

D. Exercise the patient using the rate of perceived exertion (RPE) scale to monitor exertion.

The answer is D. The pacemaker is designed to keep the patient’s heart rate at a specific level regardless ...

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