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Imaging has dramatically changed through the recent applications of computer and imaging technologies. Likewise, the last 25 years have seen the physical therapy profession evolve from primarily baccalaureate programs to the present day clinical doctoral degree (Doctor of Physical Therapy). This evolution has included the additional emphasis of physical therapists providing significantly more information to their patients related to the special tests and greatly enhanced imaging study results related to how these results impact the customization of the rehabilitation program. This text was designed to provide the physical therapist and the physical therapy student a user friendly guide to applications of the common imaging modalities and the basic interpretation of these images. Each regional chapter provides the special applications unique to that region and how clinicians can select for optimal clinical decision making. In an attempt to demonstrate this, these chapters have case studies which illustrate concepts in a real world setting. Many readers may use the Asian approach to publication as we have a “Primer on Reading an Image” as the last chapter of the text. Students may begin at the beginning—jump to the end—and then proceed through the regional chapters to best facilitate retention. We hope this text will serve as a useful introduction to the fascinating and exploding world of imaging—serving the student and practicing therapist well.

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