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The Guide to Physical Therapist Practice has been an important publication for the physical therapy community both nationally and internationally. It was developed out of a need to better define the role of the physical therapist (PT) in the changing health care arena.18 Jules Rothstein, the editor of the journal Physical Therapy, presented his opinions about the role of the Guide in two separate editorials preceding the publication of the 1st and 2nd editions of the Guide.3,4Box 2-1 provides an overview of several of the comments made by Dr. Rothstein regarding the Guide including the definition of a guide (directions along a path): the fact that the Guide, to its credit, is nonspecific (drawing large circles; practice patterns that are broadly defined) and that the Guide is a “very gross first approximation of what we do and what we should do … and possibly what we can do.”3,4 Dr. Rothstein concluded his editorial by stating that there is a need (1) for research to help narrow the circle (to develop practice patterns that are less broad and with more specificity) for future versions of the Guide, (2) for dialogue from all clinicians about whether the Guide helps or does not help them in their practice, and (3) to clarify particular items or change them in the future.3

Box 2-1 Editorial Comments Regarding the Preferred Practice Patterns

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