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For the following intervention entries, please answer the following:

  1. Is it written objectively with all appropriate objective information included?

  2. Is the terminology correct for reimbursement and billing?

  3. Is the intervention reproducible based on the information given?

  4. If there is enough information to reproduce the treatment, defend your decision.

  5. If there is not enough information to reproduce the treatment, what other information do you need?

  1. Strengthening exercises to the LEs.

  2. Massage to neck

  3. Electrical stimulation to low back

  4. Joint mobilization lumbar region

  5. Gait training

  6. Intermittent cervical traction in supine, head in neutral × 20 minutes, 25 pounds, 30 second hold, 15 second release

  7. Stretching to R heelcords

  8. Biofeedback for R UE

  9. US to L calf

  10. Back exercises

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