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The third edition of this book is an update of information provided in the second edition along with revisions to the various chapters. One of the most noticable changes in this edition are in the photos and illustrations, which are now in color.

The aim of the book is to continue to provide the reader with a systematic and logical approach to the examination and intervention of the orthopaedic patient. Such an approach must be eclectic, because no single approach works all of the time. Thus, this book attempts to incorporate the biomechanical concepts of the Norwegians and Australians; the mechanical diagnostic and classification approach of McKenzie; the selective tissue tension principles of Cyriax; the neurodynamic mobility tests of Butler; the muscle strength-length assessments of Janda, Jull, and Sahrmann; and the osteopathic approach of Mitchell.

For any intervention to be successful, an accurate diagnosis must be followed by a carefully planned and specific rehabilitation program to both the affected area and its related structures. This approach must take into consideration the structure involved and the stage of healing.

It is hoped that this book will be seen as the best available textbook, guide, review, and reference for health care students and clinicians involved in the care of the orthopaedic population.

Mark Dutton, PT

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