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Since the examination is multiple choice and computerized, candidates should make sure they are comfortable taking multiple-choice, computerized examinations.

What are the steps for taking the examination?

  • Obtain registration materials from the licensing authority of the jurisdiction in which you are seeking licensure. Some jurisdictions allow online registration for the examination at
  • If you have a documented disability, you may request special accommodations to take the examination. Contact the licensing authority in the jurisdiction in which you are seeking licensure for details. You must request special accommodations at the time you register.
  • Return completed registration materials, along with payment, to the appropriate organization as identified on the instructions you received from the licensing authority. If either the scannable payment form or registration is incomplete, it will be returned to you. If you register online, you will not need to complete the scannable registration form or payment form.
  • The jurisdiction licensing authority will approve your eligibility and notify FSBPT.
  • FSBPT will send you an "Authorization to Test" letter containing instructions on how to schedule an appointment with Prometric. Questions regarding registration processing may be directed to
  • Schedule an appointment for the examination with Prometric. You may schedule your appointment with Prometric by calling the number given in your "Authorization to Test" letter or you may schedule online at
  • Sit for the examination at your chosen Prometric testing site. You must sit for the examination within your 60-day eligibility period as indicated on the "Authorization-to-Test" letter provided by FSBPT. If you do not sit for the examination, or withdraw your registration, within these 60 days, you will be removed from the eligibility list and will be required to begin the registration process again.

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