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Suggested Supplies


White adhesive, ½-inch

White adhesive, 1-inch

Liteguard, 2-inch

Proformula, ½-inch

Elastic, 3-inch

Elastic, 2-inch

Elastic, 1-inch

Pre wrap

Deriform knitted tape

Medi-rip, 2-inch

Patellofemoral tape

Clothwrap, 2-inch


Coverlet, ½ × 2

Coverlet, 2 × 3

Coverlet knuckle

Coverlet strips

Telfa, 2 × 3

Telfa, 3 × 4

Band-Aid Clear Patches

Gauze, 4 × 4 (sterile)

Gauze, 3 × 3 (sterile)

Gauze, 2 × 2

Gauze cling, 4-inch (sterile)

Steri Strips, ⅛-inch

Steri Strips, ¼-inch

Steri Strips, ½-inch

Adaptic Dressing


Ace wraps, 3-inch

Ace wraps, 4-inch single

Ace wraps, 4-inch double

Ace wraps, 6-inch single

Ace wraps, 6-inch double

Foam and Felt

1-inch felt

½-inch felt

¼-inch felt

¼-inch adhesive felt

⅛-inch adhesive felt

⅛-inch adhesive foam

⅛-inch firm foam (gray)

⅛-inch firm foam (black)

¼-inch firm foam (black)


½-inch blue memory foam

¼-inch adhesive foam

½-inch vinyl foam

¼-inch vinyl foam

¼-inch vinyl adhesive foam

Braces and Splints

Finger splints

Toe splints

Foam padded finger, ¾-inch

Wooden splints

Air splint, leg

Air splint, foot

Velcro, 1-inch (both sides)

Knee immobilizers

Foot boot (medium, large)

Aircast, left

Aircast, right

Hexalite, 4-inch

Cervical collar (small, medium, large)

Toe caps

Heel cups (medium, large)

Patella strap, large

Fibrifoam Patt strap

Fibrifoam wrist/hand strap

Wrist immobilizer (left, right, universal)

Ankle braces (xx-small, x-small, small, medium, large, x-large)

Triangular bandage


Nose guard

Elbow sleeves

Neoprene shorts

Thigh sleeves pro (small, medium, large, x-large, xx-large)

Back support (x-small, small, medium, x-large)

Moldable back supports

Knee sleeves (x-small, small, medium, large, x-large)


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