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  • abduction A movement of a body part away from the midline of the body.

  • accident An act that occurs by chance or without intention.

  • acne vulgaris Infected hair follicles and sebaceous glands.

  • acute injury An injury with sudden onset and short duration.

  • ad libitum In the amount desired.

  • adduction A movement of a body part toward the midline of the body.

  • Affordable Care Act Mandates the availability of affordable health care insurance for every American.

  • agonist muscles Muscles directly engaged in contraction as related to muscles that relax at the same time.

  • ambulation Moving or walking from place to place.

  • amenorrhea Absence or suppression of menstruation.

  • amnesia Loss of memory.

  • analgesia Pain inhibition.

  • anaphylaxis An immediate transient allergic reaction resulting in swelling of tissues and dilation of capillaries.

  • anemia Lack of iron.

  • anesthesia Partial or complete loss of sensation.

  • angioedema A well-defined area of swelling, occurring as a result of an allergic response.

  • anorexia Lack or loss of appetite; aversion to food.

  • anorexia nervosa Eating disorder characterized by a distorted body image.

  • anoxia Lack of oxygen.

  • antagonist muscles Muscles that counteract the action of the agonist muscles.

  • anterior Before or in front of.

  • anterior cruciate ligament Ligament that stops external rotation.

  • anxiety A feeling of uncertainty or apprehension.

  • apophysis A bone outgrowth to which muscles attach.

  • arrhythmia Irregular movement.

  • arthroscopic examination Viewing the inside of a joint via the arthroscope, which utilizes a small camera lens.

  • articulation A joint.

  • assumption of risk The individual, through expressed or implied agreement, assumes some risk or danger will be involved in a particular undertaking.

  • asymmetries (body) A lack of symmetry of sides of the body.

  • ATC An athletic trainer certified by the Board of Certification.

  • atrophy Wasting away of tissue or of an organ; diminution of the size of a body part.

  • avascular necrosis Death of tissue resulting from a lack of blood supply.

  • avulsion A tearing away.

  • axial loading A blow to the top of the athlete’s head while in flexion.

  • axilla Armpit.


  • ballistic stretching Older stretching technique that uses repetitive bouncing motions.

  • bandage A strip of cloth or other material used to hold a dressing in place.

  • bilateral Pertaining to both sides.

  • biomechanics Branch of study that applies the laws of mechanics to living organisms and biological tissues.

  • body composition Percent body fat plus lean body weight.

  • boil (furuncle) A staph infection originating in a hair follicle.

  • bulimia Binge-purge eating disorder.

  • bursae Pieces of synovial membrane that contain a small amount of fluid.

  • bursitis Inflammation of a bursa, especially those bursae located between bony prominences and a muscle or tendon, such as those of the shoulder or knee.


  • calcific tendinitis Deposition of calcium in a chronically inflamed tendon, especially the tendons of the shoulder.

  • calisthenic Exercise involving free movement without the aid of equipment.

  • callus New bone formation over a fracture.

  • calorie (large) Term ...

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